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How objects communicate is focused on exploring the ways in which objects are perceived as meaningful.  This is a non editable file and the animations of the original do not work.  See me to get the editable version as a .ppt file (aprox 50 meg).  The text field at the bottom in blue lets you know where you are if you lose track somehow.  So for example the first slide asks the question "How do things communicate?"  The text and images answer the question: Though their material properties,  through the processes that were used to make them, by their style or mode of representation, through their design properties, by their function(s), site or context, and their personal and social associations.  I used nothing but rabbits because it was the stupidest thing I could think of.  I wanted students to understand that the "what" of sculpture is not so important.  It is the "how" and the "where" and the "why"  that is much more crucial to meaning.  All the images are of rabbits, but they all mean something very different.

 Workshop outline   

Supply List

Assignment 1 Handout

Assignment 2 Handout

Assignment 3 Handout

Powerpoint Lecture that I use on the first day. How artworks mean.  Do NOT try to se this unless you speak with me first, it will make no sense.  I will try to get a new one posted soon.

Image of various modular structural arrangements.  Good for use in a lecture on Assignment 1 or as a handout  

 First Lecture:  How objects communicate

Student Examples of Assignment 1 

Student Examples of Assignment 2

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