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 Color Workshop Outline

Supply list to adapt

Power Point on Color Perception & Defininition 

Color Wheel Handout for Assignment 1 Fieldwork

Handout for Assignment 3

Alternate Assignment 3 "Tune in & Space Out"

Alternate Assignment 2 "Now You See Me Now You Don't"

Assignment 1 Student Examples


Assignment 2 Student Examples

A mixed bag from good to bad of examples to show to your students.

The first one in the top row is good execution, but a poor choice of images.  The spatial characteristics of the interior & the exterior photos are the same, so it becomes somewhat difficult to use color to alter  the  originals' picture space.

The first one in the second row missed the point of the assignment altogether.  Everything that you could get wrong they did get wrong!

The most successful piece at addressing the problems of the assignment is the last image in the top row.

If you forget the assignment and just pick the most successful as visual stuff, I vote for the very last image.

Assignment 3 Student Examples

Student Examples of the assignment "Tune In and Space Out" Follow the links to see additional handouts for the fieldwork and for preparation of the finished pieces.  Thanks to Marce Dupay for sharing this great assignment!

Student Examples of the assignment "Now You See me. Now You Don't." 

Thanks to Marce Dupay for sharing this great assignment too!

A short, funny video from the Ringling School of Design that introduces color description and definitions as a "conspiracy".

 A video thaqt attempts to demonstrate the psychology of color and synaethesia

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